by Unchained

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released August 24, 2013

All songs written and performed by Unchained.
Produced and Mixed by David Vogt - Studio Greywolf.
Mastered by Dennis Koehne.

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Unchained Saarbrücken, Germany

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Track Name: Signs of Doom
What have we done so far
To end this fucking war?
You still can see a star
That doesn't exist anymore
Dear friends you lose your lives
You're left alone these days
Crying children, begging wives
See through a bloody haze

It is easier to look away
Those you should protect you do betray
Lead this to an end
You know what you have to defend

Conscienceless you wear a crown
Just to shoot 'em down
The days are turning
The world is burning
Not learning from the past
But you´ll see at last
Don't ignore the signs of doom
Your end is coming soon
Track Name: On the Floor
So many years
So many tears
Flowing down my face
Just one last embrace
Please talk to me
Please scream for me
Today’s the end
I am on the mend

I find myself again
Lying on the floor
And now I have to go
I fight with you again
I’m ready for more
But now I have to go

We cannot change it
Refusing changes
Your cheap promises
Are only lies
I disappear
Not staying here
Show me your eyes
Show me your cries

Now you let me know
I have to go
I fight with you again
I have to go
I die for you again
I have to go

And I fight
And now I have to go
And I die
And now I have to go
Track Name: Deconstruction
Nothing tastes like it did before
I shut my own coffin door
Ruin myself to make you feel sad
No one can stop this mad act

I want to hurt you
Make you feel like I do
Shoot the bullet to the head
Now I’m cold now I’m dead

Watch me collapsing and see what you have done
I destroy everything, erase what I have become

I shout until I break down
Sleeping in a burial gown
It never ends, it’s frustrating
I fade away, again I’m failing

I kill what’s left of you

Watch me collapsing
I destroy everything
Track Name: Reconstruction
Look at me and tell me what you see
A closer look that shows you what it's like to be me
You make decisions and there is no turning back
If you disagree you are off the track

I won't hide the person that I am
It's time for change, It's time to let it go

Sick of cut and dried opinions
Of all the hate that I collected once inside of me
I reconstruct myself so that I can survive
Tear me down and redesign my life

Breaking down the walls I built for my protection
Performed a play to satisfy my need for affection
Bore down everything that came from the inside
Digging graves for nightmares I had during the night
Track Name: Out of My Shell
All these times I preferred to get hurt
I thought I will not be loved cause I’m not worth it
A blackened mind makes you believe, this is hell
You create your own truth, you will be well

Listen to me
You know what I can be
I bleed for you
That’s it, I’m overdue
Said this a thousand times
Like this or otherwise
So sick of this
Of being dismissed

I learn to live again
Write down what keeps me alive
I try to free my mind
Find out that everything’s alright
Was the hardest day
Like our last farewell
It was the only way
To come out of my shell

You are the air around me, I let you in
Please never leave my lungs, never leave my skin
I learnt to accept the truth, I took the pain
Always hoping it was not, not in vain

I don’t regret anything I did
I forgive myself and handle it
I’m on my own, but I am not alone
I’m not afraid of the unknown
Track Name: Breathe for Me
I pretend to be okay, pretend to have control
I hide the scars on skin and on my soul

Slit your throat
I want to go quietly
Slit your throat
You can go with me

Breathe for me I want to hear your soul crawling in my ear

I lost everything I had
Have everything I hate instead
Kill yourself, take my soul with you
Too desperate to start something new

I’m the slave of a heartless witch
Charming looks that make me to a wretch
Track Name: The Hardest Times
The saddest thoughts, they came
To a dead man’s brain
All hope gets destroyed
Burnt out, old, annoyed
Doesn’t make any sense
Your optimistic ignorance
You open my eyes to
Things that I once knew

You have always been here
Helped me to see clear
We are reaching out and try to touch the sky

We went through the hardest times
To all of you I dedicate these lines
We are here to escape from tranquility
Jump off the fast train called society

In fear of termination
Fell into isolation
Couldn’t stand my own ground
Silence is a frightful sound
Needed someone by my side
To tell me that I’m right
Wanted to be what I was not
This is my final cut

I fell apart, stood up again
I screamed and grabbed your hand
Betrayed myself, no clarity
It was not you, it was me
Track Name: Two Minds Collide
Malformed, disowned
Down and out, I am stoned
In chaos I rise
In chaos I demise
Demise, rise

I swallow this bane
Explode and go insane
A stroke of fate
Choking down my hate

My reflection is black and white
In one head two minds collide

I’m a liar
Atonement in fire
I’m good and bad
So sad, I am glad
Outpouring, feel numb
Lay down and run
So sober that I´m drunk
I’m not living, not yet dead
Not dead, Not yet

In spite of my awareness
I shift the blame onto you
I’m my worst enemy
Glued to the spot, deliver me
Track Name: Run Out of Time
Don’t move, I’m almost there
I will find you, anytime, anywhere
My desire keeps me awake
It’s my affliction and I must not forsake

Chased by my curse, I don’t know what to say
Because every single word could push me away

We have run out of time, that’s why
We must catch our lives before they roll by
We have run out of time, and now
We must turn back the clock, somehow

Don’t know the color of these eyes
That burn like the sun, I go blind
It’s getting late, too late to quit
Lose your control, lose it a bit

Too late, too late to quit
Too late, too late to quit
Too late, too late to quit
Lose your control a bit
Track Name: The Story Anew
They always tell you what to do
They know everything about you
You know better, make your dreams come true
Break your habits, live for you

The teachers of life are the ones who quit
They can feel it, but they do not admit
“Don’t think too much, you have to fit”
Break the rules and don’t give a shit

It’s up to you
It is your path
It is all yours
That’s all that you have

Danger, keep away
To comply is okay
The limits you never accept
You will not adapt

Your secrets are out
You’re thinking about
Everything they took from you
Forget every name
And let’s play a game
Take it back, write the story anew

They seek validation all day long
Cause they need it to feel strong
Gaining confidence through the nose
There is no such thing as an overdose

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